Both face-to-face ans online group sessions are established with the aim of improving eating habits with “travel companions”. Their union and motivation help the rest of the team to achieve the established goals with greater success. A total of 6 to 9 guided group visits are established after an individual informative visit. In the first visit, we establish the previously agreed weight objectives and in the following sessions an evaluation of the fulfillment of the objectives is carried out along with an explanation of nutritional guidelines and personalized advice to gradually incorporate physical exercises that allow us regularly improve the health of the participants. In the last sessions, the objectives are strengthened or new ones are set if necessary, helping to integrate the new habits into the different daily routines of each participant. These types of group sessions provide an opportunity to acquire new habits by sharing the difficulties found during the process with other participants. Each case is analyzed in a particular way and nutritional guidelines are provided as well as tools that help improve those psychological aspects that often condition our relationship with food.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between a Nutritionist and a Holistic Nutritionist? Holistic nutrition unlike conventional nutrition, focuses on the individual as a whole (body, mind and spirit), including lifestyle. It refers to the acquisition of healthy habits so that people generate greater awareness about the food they eat Therefore , holistic Nutritio  is able to prevent rather than cure diseases in the long run. It is a comprehensive approach in which all the habits that are part of the person are studied to help them eat in a healthy way by consuming nutritious foods for the body. It will lead us to feel more energetic, improving physical and work performance , and to a more positive and happy state of mind.

When you will attend your  first consultation with your nutritionist, you will BE asked about  your state of health, pathologies, medications (if you take any), physical activity you practice, daily eating habits, biorhythms or sleep habits, preferences of meals, job occupation and goals you are looking for. Depending on the case, she will ask you more specific questions that may be related to possible digestive problems, intolerances or any other peculiarity that may affect the diet. She will make  a study with measurements, body weight, bone mass, etc., known as an anthropometric study. The nutritionist will give the information you need to know and together with her you can make the meal planning  that best suits you and that will surely be accompanied by certain recommendations and physical activity.

Online consultation with a nutritionist is an excellent option if you prefer to stay at home. The procedure in  virtual sessions is very similar to face-to-face consultations .The appointment is agreed and it is carried out by means of videoconference or, when suitable , by phone (Always after  the first session , which is the most important). During the online session, the same extensive interview is carried out . The only difference is that  the nutritionist will not be able to carry out the anthropometric study, so he will surely ask you for your body weight of one tanita and measurements, and he / she with a program appropriate to the virtual system will be able to determine body fat, retention of liquids etc.

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