Reasons to start MEDITATING today.

When we think about Health and Well-being, we tend to give importance to sports and food. And  what about mental health? Meditation plays a key role in our physical state because all our thoughts have an impact on the health of our body and thus, they can improve or worsen our  health .

Meditation is a very effective millennial practice to improve our well-being and quality of life as it helps us to fix  our mind to  the present, allows a better control of  our thoughts, a better address and managing  of the problems, reduces stress, helps regain energy and rest better . It allows us to have a more positive attitude towards life and ourselves.

Its biggest advantage is that anyone can practice it. It  is a simple technique and only requires a few minutes a day. Once you incorporate it regularly into your day-to-day life, you can start exercising it whenever you need it (taking a walk, on the bus, at work, waiting for the doctor or even in a difficult business meeting).

If stress causes you anxiety, worry, tension, consider the practice of meditation. Taking a few minutes a day to meditate can restore your inner calm and peace much more than you imagine. And if this doesn’t convince you, we’ve provided 5 reasons why you should give this miracle tool a try:

    1. Emotional management – Meditation increases self-control. If you have ever wanted to yell at your boss, a colleague or your mother-in-law, calm down, meditation can help you optimize the ability to manage emotions and find calm in situations that can get us “crazy” or “lose the nerves”.

    • Feeling of Well-being – Meditating increases positive emotions and increases satisfaction with our life. It keeps us away from depression, anxiety and stress. It acts as a small reset in our mind helping us to see the glass as half full.

    • Protect your body– Meditation improves our immune system, promoting faster recovery from diseases and injuries, reducing risk factors for other diseases to occur (brain, neurological, cardiovascular…). It has been proven to decrease inflammation at the cellular level. In addition, it facilitates and improves the quality of sleep.

    • Active social life – The practice of meditation increases social connections, reduces the feeling of loneliness, increases emotional intelligence, therefore, improves your social life by making you more compassionate and reflective towards attitudes and reactions of others.

    • Better productivity – We often get caught up in negative feelings just because we don’t stop to analyze a situation and put it down. The practice of meditation constantly helps you to have good mental hygiene and learn not to drown in a glass of water when facing certain situations at work and in life in general. In addition, it improves memory, attention span, develops creativity and, above all, helps you to take perspective.

 As you can see, there  are more than enough reasons to include meditation on your daily must-do list. If you also practice sports and have a balanced diet, your body and mind will be more than prepared to face any professional challenge, increase your performance and successfully complete your routine tasks.

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