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Miruxy Bilbatua

Let’s start together a  journey in which you will learn to eat better to optimize your body composition according to your goals (weight loss, increase muscle mass …) while increasing your vitality and feeling much better physically and psychologically.

Both in  face-to-face and online consultations , we will carry out a first session of approximately 50 minutes, in which I will explain my working methodology  and will send you a questionnaire so that you can inform  me about your tastes, schedules, preferences and what has brought you to me , to establish our objectives.

The plan includes daily contact if necessary ,to resolve any questions you have (via whatsapp or by phone). 15 days after the first session , I like to have a review to evaluate your feelings about putting your new habits into practice.

Afterwards ,the frequency of the reviews is usually every 2 or 3 weeks to variate the diet and adapt it to your new weight . If we do not make adjustments ,there will come a time when you will not progress.

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Miruxy Bilbatúa


Miruxy Bilbatúa
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