HOLISTIC NUTRITION – The healthiest way to lose weight and improve your health.

The arrival of summer along with the closure by COVID-19, have led to an increase in the demand for nutritionists to carry out quick weight loss plans, training tables and all kinds of tricks to get rid of those extra kilos and if possible, download them in a record time to show off your body on vacation. However, do express weight loss plans really work?

Probably, due to the amount of information online ,  we do not know what can help us to lose weight and how to do it without rebound effect. But, what would you think about  a way of eating that adapts to everybody and helps you lose weight without regaining it later?

Surely you have heard about the concept of Holistic Nutrition and still relate it to something “healing” or “naturopathic”. Well, we can tell you that nothing is further from the truth, holistic nutrition focuses on the premise that the body needs a certain balance to achieve maximum levels of energy and vitality, as well as excellent physical and mental health. It is based on the belief that each individual and each body is different and therefore needs different amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals to feel completely healthy.

Holistic nutritionists determine that “there is no use changing the way we eat if we do not change our lifestyle.” They explain that a change in weight is not just a matter of reducing calorie intake. There are many more factors involved, such as quality and restful sleep (at least eight hours), moderate exercise, the practice of mindfulness or relaxation techniques that help us reduce anxiety (so often focused on food), find the root of our bad habits, have positive social relationships, be well hydrated and of course, a healthy diet.

Therefore, holistic nutritionists  design diets perfectly adapted to the needs of each individual for,  as It has been well demonstrated, choosing well our feeding  can help yo prevent numerous serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity or even cancer.

Unlike a regular diet or the traditional concept of nutrition, Holistic Nutrition is committed to the concept of a “whole”. The first thing it focuses on is improving the health, digestion, sufficiency, balance and moderation of each individual through a change of habits where there are no food restrictions.

A fun diet in which you get an increased energy, less fluid retention, eliminate gastrointestinal problems, prevent degenerative diseases and of course reach the target weight ans  maintain it in the long-term .

Holistic nutritionists explain it is useless to provide a diet based on broccoli and turkey breast to an overweight person if other background factors are not addressed. It doesn’ t matter how much willpower this person has ,in  a couple of weeks his willpower will disappear.

The main problem with usual diets is that willpower tenés to fail and even if the target weight is reached, we eat again as we did before. With the addition of more diets we slow down our metabolism and losing weight becomes more and more difficult.

The secret of Holistics is that all the inputs you introduce , can be adopted by the client for the rest of his life. Its objective is to identify the factor that has caused the weight gain and implement appropriate solutions to correct it. Contrary to fast and miraculous diets, it teaches  to eat in a balanced way, taking advantage of all the nutrients that  have healing properties, and avoiding as far as possible all kinds of processed and canned foods.

Keep in mind that balance is achieved by eating differently each day and that all nutrients are just as important. Changing our habits and our  diet for the benefit of our health may not be an easy task, but it is highly recommended. If you need help ,you just have to put yourself in the hands of an expert nutritionist and follow his instructions.

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