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A few years ago, I did not give importance to feeding . I treated it as a mere contribution of calories, without reviewing their origin or how they could affect my body … As long as they tasted good, they were enough for me. I thought that if I did a lot of physical exercise I could eat whatever I wanted. After my studies in Holistic, Vegetarian and Energetic Nutritio ,and having read  different authors, my concepts have changed completely.

I soon realized that food is not just energy, it is information. It contains instructions that communicate messages to every component of our body. Health depends on the quality of the information we provide to our body, genes, hormones, immune system, intestinal flora …

Today, we live in an era of endless information about nutrition, and paradoxically, there has never been so much disagreement on this topic. In an area in which advertising, the famous “miracle diets” and false myths are intermingled with the sensations, smells and colours that the marketing of large industries and food systems want to sell us, they make us increasingly disconnect from our own nature . The consequence ist that every day more people develop diseases of a poor diet. Obesity, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, food intolerances and heart attacks are more frequent than ever.

There is so much confusion in this matter. WE can Not know what to eat without listening to the needs of our  body. What is in what we eat? Is it really food? Is it good or bad for me?

This is the guiding principle of my Method. My purpose is to teach you to acquire a new, healthier way of life,in which you will learn to nourish yourself correctly . In my Methode , the practice of Yoga, self-knowledge techniques such as Mindfulness and adequate Physical Activity are of great importance. They will allow you a complete transformation from the inside, which will be reflected on the outside.

Let me help you .Together we will start a path in which you regain a total state of vitality and happiness.

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Miruxy Bilbatúa

– Digestive wellness

– Allergies and intolerances

– Detox plans

– Diets to lose weight

– Vegetarian and vegan diets

– Diets for athletes


Miruxy Bilbatúa


Buscalomas.com is a space dedicated to promoting, growing, to the things that make us improve

The “Covid 19” will mark our lives, and when we will return to the “new reality”, nothing will be the same, neither for business, nor for people. We have to reorient our professional profile, reinvent ourselves, learn to fight in this new cycle that is coming, because only those who will stand out, and know how to reach the final consumer, will survive effectively; But all this is impossible without having  emotional balance, and not taking care of our body.

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Coachingyou, we maintain an absolute commitment to our own processes of self-knowledge, growth and personal work.

We are constantly exploring, researching, training and developing to be able to offer our clients the necessary coherence from understanding and knowledge in conjunction with our own life experience.

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Greenkiss I am a Founding Partner of Greenkiss. At Green Kiss we believe that dime  values ​​are essential to be part of our family. The main one .. SMILING! Life is full of people who stand ans so nothing. We want people who add, who improve the day of those  around them, who are happy with themselves and transmit joy to the people working here and to the people who come to know us.

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